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A 3 Grain Whiskey

Insurrection, a 3 grain bourbon whiskey honors a spirited tradition born during the era of Prohibition that continues to echo through the ages. Nestled among the sprawling tobacco fields and lush pine forests, skilled distillers of the Pee Dee region honed their craft in secrecy, producing a whiskey that embodied the spirit of rebellion and honoring the Darlington Rebellion of 1894 . Characterized by its small-batch production and carefully guarded recipes, this clandestine elixir upheld the Southern tradition of whiskey-making while thumbing its nose at the temperance movement of the time. Today, this legacy of defiance and craftsmanship lives on in Insurrection, preserving the rich history of the Pee Dee region’s contribution to the world of whiskey-making during one of America’s most notorious eras.


A 3 Grain Brown Sugar Bourbon Style Spirit

In the heart of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, Boxwood Distillery has created a remarkable and distinctive bourbon whiskey spirit known as “Blind Tigrrr.” This three-grain, brown sugar-infused elixir pays a spirited tribute to the Darlington Rebellion of 1894, an event etched in the region’s history. Combining the finest grains with a carefully guarded recipe, Blind Tigrrr is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the distillers at Boxwood (as well as Jack’s 3 daughters, hence the three “R’s”). The infusion of brown sugar adds a layer of complexity and sweetness that sets it apart, creating a uniquely smooth and flavorful whiskey. Each sip of Blind Tigrrr whispers tales of the past, honoring the brave souls who once rose against adversity in the name of justice. This exceptional spirit encapsulates the spirit of the rebellion, embodying the courage, resilience, and determination of those who refused to be silenced.


A Jimmy Red Corn Whiskey

Tillman’s Folly, a remarkable Jimmy Red Corn-based bourton whiskey, stands as a tribute to a pivotal moment in South Carolina’s history—the ill-fated Dispensary Act of 1894 initiated by Governor Ben Tillman. This distinctive spirit takes its name from the governor himself, acknowledging the unintended consequences of his ambitious yet flawed attempt to regulate the alcohol industry. Crafted with a base of the revered Jimmy Red Corn, Tillman’s Folly encapsulates the essence of resilience and redemption. The whiskey’s flavor profile, enriched by the unique characteristics of Jimmy Red Corn, mirrors the complex interplay of historical events that unfolded over a century ago. Each sip of Tillman’s Folly becomes a journey through time, inviting enthusiasts to reflect on the past while savoring a whiskey that transforms a moment of folly into a testament of enduring craftsmanship and the indomitable spirit of the South.


A Bloody Butcher Corn Whiskey

Named in solemn remembrance of the tragic events of the Darlington Rebellion of 1894, Deadlock is a Bloody Butcher Corn-based bourbon whiskey that pays homage to the lives lost during this tumultuous chapter in history. Infused with the spirit of resilience and rebellion, Deadlock stands as a liquid memorial to the brave individuals who found themselves entangled in the conflict. The deep red hues of Bloody Butcher Corn, a variety known for both its rich flavor and distinctive appearance, mirror the intensity of the rebellion’s impact on the region. Every sip of Deadlock serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made, inviting those who partake to reflect on the echoes of the past while savoring a whiskey that encapsulates the complex emotions and profound history surrounding the Darlington Rebellion.

Rums & Specialties


White Rum

Black Water, the distinguished white rum crafted by Boxwood Distillery in the heart of South Carolina’s enchanting Pee Dee Region, is a testament to the artistry of this local distillery. Meticulously distilled from the finest raw sugar and molasses, this exquisite rum takes its name from the mysterious, meandering waterways that crisscross the lush landscapes of the Pee Dee. The spirit produced here is nothing short of a masterpiece, artfully capturing the essence of the region’s rich history and natural beauty. Black Water’s flavor profile is a harmonious blend of sweet and earthy notes, evoking the warmth of Southern hospitality. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, each sip of this white rum is an invitation to savor the traditions and craftsmanship that define both Boxwood Distillery and the timeless allure of the Pee Dee Region.


Spiced Rum

Boxwood’s Pee Dee Pyrat spiced rum, crafted in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, carries with it the salty tales of swashbuckling adventurers and clandestine trade that once dominated the South Carolina coastline. This amber elixir, starts with our White Rum and then adds a bounty of spices to savor. From the warm embrace of vanilla and caramel to the subtle hints of cinnamon and citrus spice, each sip draws inspiration from the state’s rich nautical heritage. Whispers of hidden coves, buried treasures, and the thrill of the open sea, making it not just a drink, but a journey into the past, where pirates ruled the waves and their rum was the liquid embodiment of their daring escapades. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into imaginative cocktails, Boxwood’s Pee Dee Pyrat Spiced Rum is more than a drink; it’s a sensory voyage through a seas of South Carolina tradition and history.


Gold Rum

Boxwood Distillery’s “Muldrow’s Gold,” exudes a unique and captivating charm that honors the area’s rich history and natural beauty. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this golden elixir captures the essence of the fertile landscapes and sun-kissed fields that characterize our very own Boxwood Plantation and the Pee Dee. Distilled from the finest raw sugars and blackstrap molasses and then carefully aged with charred oak, the rum’s warm hues mirror the golden sunsets that grace the horizon, while its flavor profile dances between sweet and robust, reminiscent of the region’s diverse agricultural tapestry. With every sip, one can almost hear the whispers of the warm, Southern breeze. Our gold rum is more than just a drink; it is a liquid tribute to the Boxwood’s heritage, and a gateway to an authentic sensory journey through the heart of South Carolina.


Spirit Distilled from Cane and Grain

In memory of Ann, Ella, Belton, and Snoots Scipio whose family lived and worked on the farm and cared for our family over multiple generations, this clean, pure spirit is a ready addition to any cocktail.

La Piña

Pinapple Flavored Rum – Summer 2024 Limited Edition

Do you feel those warm summer breezes starting to blow? We do too…so to help welcome the summer season we proudly introduce our Limited Edition spirit, La Piña Pineapple Flavored Rum! Bursting with the sweet, tangy flavor of ripe pineapples, this exotic rum is a your ticket to paradise in a bottle! Whether you’re mixing up refreshing cocktails or sipping it straight over ice, La Piña promises to transport you to sun-soaked shores with every delicious drop.